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Massage in Beijing at Your Hotel

Thursday, 25 October, 2018


    Beijing massage at your hotel room. We provide massage in Beijing city. Experience the benefits of massage therapies at times and places that suit you. VICI Beauty and Massage Center provides professional Beauty and massage treatment and various essential oil massages. We are equipped with bosom vibration massage instrument, infrared treatment massage instrument, spectrum massage instrument, needleless whitening permeation instrument, weight losing and body shaping instrument as well as breast building instrument. With increasing work pressure and speedy life rhythm, People are accustomed to maintaining posture studying, working or staring at computer for a long time without sports. This life style results in weak internal organs, impeded circulation, abnormal metabolism as well as rheumatic pain and tiredness, which finally lead to muscle pain, neck and shoulder pain, waist pain, migraine, insomnia, indigestion, constipation, nervous headache, hair losing. Additionally, internal cold-dampness results in bad skin color, skin speckle, small pox which will affect mental and emotional condition. Proper beauty and essential oil massage will invigorate blood circulation, remove blood stasis, strengthen metabolism function, relax muscle, strengthen physical power. It will effectively improve above stated symptoms, adjust internal organ function, keep physical balance, upgrade immunity function, improve skin color, strengthen skin micro-circulation and make body healthy and make skin smooth and gender. Our center provides various types of massage service with one purpose, which is to relieve tiredness and pressure, make body healthier. Please contact us at any time. Our center receives phone only instead of short message. E-mail: Telephone number: 010-65664566, 15910791248 Web: URL:

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