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JH5030A X-RAY Baggage Scanner

Thursday, 23 November, 2017


    Basic Info Model NO.: JH-5030A Type: Baggage Scanning Tunnel Size: 500*300mm Conveyor Speed: 0.22m/S Name: X-ray Baggage Scanning Trademark: AnHuShen Origin: China Portable: Non Portable Certification: SGS, CE, ISO Usage: Public Security Checking Conveyor Max Load: 20 Kg Steel Penetration: 8mm Armor Plate Monitor: 17 Inch LCD Screen Display Specification: 50 X 30 Cm HS Code: 9022191090 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It is used for checking luggage in airports, train stations and hotels for security purpose. Features: 1. Alarms by sound & light: Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition. 2. Network interface: Can be connected to local area network and supports multi-terminal; scans baggages at the same time 3. Safety ray: Transmit ray under automatic control; avoids the miss 4. User-friendly Image monitoring: The monitor uses fold, rotary system; operator adjusts the monitor's position according to his preference 5. Simple operation by mouse: It can be controlled even without keyboard and work table, only mouse, to save space 6. Turn off by a key control: Turn off the machine by just turning its key. 7. Eagle-eye: has a high resolution imaging system for a clear image even when zoomed in 8. Estimates malfunction by itself: Automatic malfunction alert and prompt messages, helpful for the maintenance. For complete details, visit our website: http://www.gold-master.com/en/x-ray-scanner-5030a-115.aspx For inquiries, contact us at: +971 50 3010 577 / +971 50 3010 775 Email us at: info@gold-master.com

    Dong, Pahang


    Name : goldmaster.en@gmail.com
    Phone Number : 503010577
    Email : goldmaster.en@gmail.com


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