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EXP 4500 - 3d Ground Scanner For Treasure Hunters and Gold Seekers

Monday, 20 November, 2017


    Are you tired of finding only small stuff near the surface? Do you want to detect the real buried treasures which lie deeper than a normal metal detector can detect? Introducing the multi-function, sub-surface imaging detector and ground scanner, the EXP 4500! Built for the treasure hunter as well as the prospector, just grab the EXP 4500 and find those buried treasures. The eXp 4500 ground scanner is a high performance metal detecting device which is specially designed for the following applications: Archaeological 3D surveys, metal detection, treasure hunting and gold prospection pin pointer function to locating the exact position of buried treasures and artifacts 3d imaging including size and depth detecting gold and other items of great value finding ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze, hoards of coins, treasure deposits, pirate chests tunnels, voids and cavern locating mineral and natural gold prospecting With several specialized detection antennas, the eXp 4500 ground scanner can also be used in highly mineralized areas for treasure hunting and prospecting. For more information, visit our website: http://www.gold-master.com/en/exp-4500-63.aspx Contact us at +971 5030 10577 or +971 50 3010 775 or info@gold-master.com

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