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TITAN GER 1000-Treasure Hunting/Metal Detecting Device

Monday, October 12, 2020


    TITAN GER 1000-is an advanced and well-known German prospecting device widely talked-about on the internet in the field of treasure hunting and metal detecting. It is recommended by prospectors/users who has already tried this powerful tool due to its effectiveness and reliability in giving the operator an immediate and accurate signal leading to the target. It makes metal detecting a more exciting activity without consuming time in vain. Titan 1000 has the most search systems among all metal detectors meeting most, if not all, of the requirements and expectations of prospectors and potential buyers. These are: 1. Long Range System-scans up to 2500 meters front range and 45 meters deep under the ground. 2. Ionic System-for long time buried objects 3. 3D Imaging System-gives 3D pictures of the underground targets which helps user determine the type, depth, size and position of the object. 4. Magnetic System/Magnetometer-detects magnetic targets such as gold, silver, iron, and other metallic materials 5. Pulse Induction System-for deep ground scanning in all types of terrain(rocky, mountainous, muddy, agricultural, sandy) Address: 506-Rigga Al Buteen Plaza, Al Maktoum Rd, Deira, Dubai-UAE Watch user video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0L-V5tlHQPw&feature=youtu.be Visit our website: http://www.gold-master.com/en/titan-ger-1000-122.aspx Contact#: +971 503010577 / +971 503010775/ +971502409048 Email address: info@gold-master.com

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    Name : Gold Master General Trading
    Phone Number : 0503010577
    Email : goldmaster.en@gmail.com


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